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We had a very good harvest this year and I've never made a cherry pie before, so this year I did! My previous experience was with one apple pie for Pi Day a few years back and multiple chocolate mousse pies using Oreo crusts, so this was a little bit of an adventure.

The BIG labor was in halving and pitting SIX cups of cherries! Aside from having very sore and stained hands, this was definitely the worst part of the process. Next time I'm enlisting the spousal unit! I found a Ree Drummon recipe (The Pioneer Chef on Food Network) that was remarkably easy, since once again I wimped and used a frozen crust. 2/3rds cup of granulated sugar, cook until bubbly. Add two tablespoons balsamic vinegar. Separately mix together half a cup of corn starch and half a cup of lemon juice (two lemons), then mix that in with the cherries. It thickens nicely. Let cool completely. Pour in to crust, bake until crust is brown and cherries are bubbling. Let cool completely before cutting and devouring.

I may be too late to get more cherries, I don't know. I made this ten days ago. She actually recommended using canned cherries! I can't think of anything more appalling. I'm going to take a look at frozen cherries, they might be of an acceptable quality.

The taste was absolutely fantastic. I used a frozen pastry crust that's probably been up in the freezer for at least 3 years, and it worked just fine. Russet wanted a lattice-work crust: I'm not yet at the confidence level to make my own pie dough, but I'm getting there. Now that I'm confident with the fillings, once I get some cabinet surface area re-established, I'll give it a go.

A friend of mine complimented me on the rich color from the local cherries and the lack of water seepage. I'm wondering if the lemon juice and the corn starch in the 50/50 blend prevented that: simple syrup is also exactly a 50/50 mix. I don't know, I'm not that much of a food scientist.

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