Jan. 3rd, 2017

thewayne: (Cyranose)
Did it New Year's Day. A brand-new 27" iMac, top of the line, 4 GHz i7 with 16 gig of RAM, 3 TB hybrid drive, and AppleCare. Should be here next week. Don't ask the price, it's kinda painful (I did get an education discount), but I expect many years of service out of it making the cost per day more bearable (just the sales tax was over $200, at least the shipping was free). Insurance is paying for most of it, I'll be out about $750, which hurts being unemployed but it will definitely help my sanity, which has really taken a hit. Plus eventually I'll need to drop $80 for an external DVD R/W drive, I can borrow the one that I bought for my wife occasionally, but not permanently.

I don't understand why, but it was less expensive than going with the middle line computer with the same features. Very odd.

I caught an upgrade sale on Parallels, so I'll be able to run Windows 10 on the new box, so that'll be good. I also bought DxO's FilmPack Elite on sale. I'm really looking forward to working with this! While I could install it on my laptop, I just don't feel like working with this for the first time on a 15" screen. I'll wait for my 5K 27" display. I wanted to buy the entire DxO software suite, but it was more money than I'm capable of dropping right now. I was quite pleased when my credit card company sent me an email saying "Excuse me! We just noticed an unusually large charge!" Fortunately all I had to do was click on a button embedded in the email.

Speaking of laptops, mine has been giving me fits. It has been doing kernel panics almost daily. I bought an extended warranty, so once the new iMac arrives, I'll be shipping it off to Phoenix to get MacMedia to do something about it. After refreshing the backup, of course.

Speaking of other laptops, my wife's new laptop was slightly goofy on January 1. She tried running World of Warcraft and the graphics were absolutely horrible. Very weird, there were strange blue polygons like icebergs in the foreground that persisted with rescaling the game window. She remembered me telling her an old story involving the Mac/Unix command UPTIME: turns out the computer had been running just shy of 50 days. She rebooted it, problem went away.

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