Jan. 10th, 2017

thewayne: (Cyranose)
"Why is everything taken at face value? You always want to go with what's come out of his mouth rather than what's in his heart."
-- Kellyanne Conway, on her boss

"I'd been waiting to hear those words from a mainstream political candidate all my life... We're almost intoxicated. We don't have any power -- but now we're close enough to smell it."
-- white supremacist Gerald Martin, on first hearing Trump speak

He doesn't hold press conferences. All he does is blather on Twit(ter) and hold rallies. From all appearances it's doubtful that he will hold meaningful White House Press Conferences, we shall see in a few weeks. And he has not yet learned that what a President says has meaning. Words have power, and he's too willfully ignorant to accept that and moderate his speech. He says things either vocally or via Twit(ter) for one reason - self-aggrandizement. He has no filter. And Conway is a fool to try to justify such behavior. While it is her job, it is also a tremendously stupid statement.

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