Mar. 27th, 2017


Mar. 27th, 2017 12:38 am
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You may (or may not) have heard of a steak house called Lone Star. They did pretty good steaks, and they were much more low-key than Texas Roadhouse, which I REALLY appreciated. I'm just not a fan of TRH.

Years ago I was working for a company on the far west side of Phoenix, and twice a week I had a Cisco computer networking class on the far east side. Getting off work at 5pm and trudging across town was not fun. Lone Star was at about the mid-point, so I stopped there for a house salad (Caesar dressing) and an iced tea. Twice a week. At about the same time. I became quite well known by the waitresses. It was the perfect place to relax for a bit, consume some calories, and review my textbook and notes for the chapter that we were studying.

It was very amusing: there were times that I'd be seated by the hostess, handed a menu, and a waitress would swoop out of the kitchen with an iced tea, pluck the menu from my hand, and say that my salad would be out shortly.

And when I ate with friends there the waitresses would always fill in the salad and drink portion of my order for me. They were great

When we're in Phoenix, I always drove by that location, but it was never a destination. I knew that the waitresses who waited on me were long gone as they were leaving shortly after I concluded my classes. I kept meaning to gather my friends and go back there, but it didn't happen.

And now it won't. They closed in the last month since we were here last. I'm guessing that the franchise operator for Phoenix closed all the locations, because according to the web site, there are no locations in Phoenix, though there are many elsewhere in the country. The last review on Yelp for that location was in February.

Oh, well. Appreciate places while you can!

Fortunately a new steak chain has come to town, LongHorn Steakhouse. And while I haven't had a steak there, their sandwiches are fantastic! I've only had time for lunches there, I'm optimistic that their steaks are also good, though I don't go out for steak often.

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