Apr. 4th, 2017

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(I like using the word kerfuffle!)

I haven't directly posted to LJ since my move about three months ago, and it looks like perhaps my LJ days are drawing to the point that I'll be deleting my account. Today there's an uproar over the Russian entity that owns LJ changing the terms of service. OK, companies change ToS all the time, no big deal. Except this time the one that you have to agree to is in Cyrillic. I, for one, don't read Russian, and I wouldn't suggest relying on a Google Translation before agreeing to it (though maybe I'll do that, it might be amusing).

So what am I going to do about it? Well, pretty much nothing. I've already relocated myself to Dreamwidth, and there's a good discussion going on James Nicoll's blog (dw, not cross-posted to LJ) about the ramifications, including any "mention of the existence of gay people is grounds for flagging an entry "18+" (unverified). But considering what's going on in Russia, and even worse in Chechnya!, I'm not surprised.

Well, this is part of the reason why I switched to DW. I felt there was a very strong possibility that once the LJ servers were entirely in Russia that this would be a likely outcome, and so it seems to have come to pass.

This is what I'm going to do. There are perhaps three people on LJ that I go there to read (Porsupah, CP, and Dave's Music Tank) and I STRONGLY encourage them to relocate their accounts over here. It's painless, I promise! And it took very little time for the transfer to move all 3800+ entries made over the last decade over here. Slightly more difficult, I need to move over my RSS blog monitoring (Scalzi among others). Then I'm pretty much quit from LJ. I should pin this post over there so people will know where I'm at if they're inactive and come looking for me.

Currently, I directly open my LJ friend's page for reading. I always use the 'keep me logged on' options, so I haven't personally seen the new ToS threat yet, but that doesn't really matter. I'm now going to start deleting friends on LJ who already have DW accounts and cross-post, this will make it easier for me to see who remains. I'm tempted to delete all of my posts to LJ, I'm not sure if there is a mass delete function. We'll see.

So that's it. I left LJ three months ago and maintain that account to read a very small number of blogs, and I hope they're going to give serious consideration to migrating to DW. It's painless, people! Honest!

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