Apr. 7th, 2017

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She's doing an elimination diet this week, and thus far it looks like cheese is the issue. The next stage will be to determine if it's all dairy, or just cheese. Then is it all cheese, or specifically hard or soft cheese.

If it's all cheese, there's going to have to be some lifestyle changes. We live mainly on Mexican and Italian cuisines, both known for copious amounts of cheese. Many dishes can be done without cheese, but I see a probable increase in Asian dishes in our future, a cuisine that we also love, there just isn't much available locally that is of any quality. We found an awesome Chinese restaurant in El Paso that we've been to twice in the last couple of months, so at least there's that. They have a page of traditional Chinese dishes, including beef tendon and chicken feet, so confidence was high that they'd be good. (not that I'm interested in trying either) I'd also like to try my hand at Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches, their beef prep is just amazingly flavorful.

And it's not easy to wok on an electric range.
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"Elijah Cummings was in my office and he said, 'You will go down as one of the greatest presidents in the history of our country.'"
-- Trump

"I have said repeatedly that he could be a great president if -- if -- he takes steps to truly represent all Americans rather than continuing the divisive and harmful path he is on."
-- Congressman Elijah Cummings

I'll put my money that what Representative Cummings said is more accurate than what "45" said.

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