Apr. 8th, 2017

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I am now 55 and have been married for a dozen years, for both of us it's our first and hopefully only.  And I've been receiving AARP junk mail for a decade!  It usually goes straight in the trash at the post office, though on occasion they trick me in to opening it.  Fortunately they haven't sniffed my email address yet!  A friend of mine started receiving AARP mail in his 30s!

My first senior citizen discount was at a movie theater in Las Cruces, probably a decade ago.  I've had lots of white/grey in my beard for decades now, and some teen gave me the discount.  I was both amused and befuddled.  I had not asked for it, but neither was I going to turn it down.  And I've had occasional senior discounts at movie theaters since then.

Earlier this year, or perhaps late December, after I turned 55 my wife and I went to IHOP after a late movie, it was well after midnight.  And I ordered off the Senior menu.  Part of ordering off it was sort of a celebration thing, but the main part was they had what I wanted on that menu: two eggs, hash browns, bacon, and two pancakes.  I didn't want a huge meal, and it worked perfectly for my desire.  Then things got a little weird.  I prefer my eggs sunnyside-up.  The waiter looked a little confused, went away to plug our order in to the computer, then came back: they can't do sunnyside-up BECAUSE THERE'S NO SUCH OPTION IN THE COMPUTER.  They have over easy, over hard, scrambled, probably an option for blending mithril in to it.  But no sunnyside-up.  Now here's the funny bit: ALMOST EVERY PHOTO IN THEIR MENU SHOWS EGGS SUNNYSIDE-UP.  Yet their order system can't handle that.  VERY strange.

Last month when my wife and I went to see Beauty and the Beast while in Phoenix, I realized the girl in the ticket booth hadn't charged me as much as I'd expected.  Once in the theater I looked at the tickets and found that both were charged as senior citizens.  Now, although I'm 55, most theaters seem to have a 60 y/o limit for seniors.  Still, not complaining!  I'm just glad that I'm not paying NY or LA ticket prices!  So my wife and I have decided to change strategies when it comes to movies.  Our normal methodology was that she'd get the tickets and I'd get in line for concessions.  We're switching that in hopes that I might occasionally win the (very poor paying) lottery and get senior discounts.

Do you have an interesting senior discount memory?  I'd love to hear it!

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