Apr. 11th, 2017

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UserPic icons!

At some time I paid for LJ and had over 100 icons, and the transfer moved over 10-15. So I'm in the process of copying them down, which is going to take a little bit of time.

Thus, if this is something of any importance to you, you might want to check what's in your account before deleting your LJ, assuming you're going to delete your LJ. My current plan is to probably make all entries previous entries private and only the cross-posts will continue over there.
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I just created a community here called [community profile] good_eats and posted my chocolate mousse pie recipe on it. There was such a community on LJ, but it started getting overrun by spammers, and the owner changed it to a moderated page, then left LJ without making anyone else a moderator! I tried contacting her on several occasions with no success.

Well, I like to talk about food, so I created another! There's no restrictions on joining or posting, I just ask that we keep politics out of the discussions as there are plenty of places to bitch about that.

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