Apr. 14th, 2017

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It's the receiver.

I bought a nice Onkyo A/V receiver two years ago that has SIX HDMI inputs and had no problem switching between them all. Two nights ago it went wacko. If I paired it with my iPhone via Bluetooth for playing music, it was fine, so it was apparently just the HDMI portion of the unit.

The thing that frightens me is that it is actually the most expensive thing to replace. The problem was clearly not the TV, I had a spare satellite receiver/DVR on-hand, the DVD/Bluray player is replaceable for less than $100, as was the Apple TV. But the receiver? A factory refurb unit was $300. While I didn't need all six HDMI ports, I was using three and was going back and forth whether or not I'd want to use a fourth to add a gaming console, which I had not done yet.

This morning I linked up my laptop through the Apple TV and streamed some Doctor Who (first season Eccleston) through Amazon Prime: video, no sound. Then I hooked up my laptop directly to the RCA output of the DVR through an Elgato video capture and it reported an HDMI problem. So I disconnected all the cables (after carefully labeling them with tape and a Sharpie and connected the DVR and DVD directly to the TV, and they're working fine: perfect video and audio.

So I guess I'm heading down the mountain. We have a repair shop in Alamogordo, I hope he's good. I discussed the problem with him, he'll look at it for $20 cash, says that it's possible that a reset might do the trick.

Fingers crossed. I can live without the receiver for now, but I HATE living without my B&W speakers! TV sound SUUUUUUCKS! While my hearing is no where near 100%, there's such a huge difference between cheap Sylvania TV speakers from what's probably a 10 y/o TV and gorgeous speakers by Bowers & Wilkins. Let me tell you: these speakers may be over 30 years old, but they still sound absolutely phenomenal.

At least I didn't lose the DVR and all the programming on it, and I'll be able to watch the season premier of Doctor Who and Class tomorrow.

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