Apr. 21st, 2017

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This is the second time in a month or so that for reasons unknown, 130 apps were transferred to my phone while syncing. WTF!!! This is ridiculous. I could delete them from my library, but there are several that I know I'll be adding back later, such as the Washington, DC subway schedule app what I only use one week a year.


Definite WTF.

ETA: I went ahead and deleted most of the apps from my library. In one case I went to look it up in the iTunes store and it was no longer available.
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We know "45"'s famous Respect For Women, as evidenced from the wide variety of comments that he's made over the years, add to the fact that he cheated on his previous wives and is now on his third marriage. He may genuinely love Melania, we have no way of knowing what goes on behind closed doors, but clearly she is a trophy wife and we don't really see her face light up when he walks in to a room. Crosswise, we have seen her face shut down when he turns away from her. And he is 24 years older. She worked for him as a model in his now-closing modelling agency, without a proper work permit, thus illegally, before they were wed, which raises all sorts of icky questions about coercion.

Wednesday I came across an interesting article on Huffington Post, talking about how he had horrible etiquette vis a vis his body language towards his wife. The subtitle of the article is that he's a husband before he's president. He's on the ground before his wife is half way down the stairs when de-planing, etc.

This got me thinking. Add to this that DC has amazing schools because of all the diplomats etc. in DC and Melania not having any interest in moving there. What if it is purely a trophy marriage? I decided to look in to some dates in the Trump household.

Trump: born 6/16/1946
Melania: born 4/26/1970
Married: 1/22/2005
Barron born: 3/20/2006
(dates from Wikipedia)


I offer no conjecture whether or not they have sex aside from birthdays, I just found this quite amusing. It would be interesting to backtrack the birthdates of his other children, but frankly, I can't be bothered.

My wife said that his "you can grab 'em by the ..." comment was made when Melania was pregnant with Bannon. I haven't verified those dates, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least as he is such a class act.
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I've been watching a lot of these today, and I think this one to Jurassic World is perhaps the best single video. The one for Captain America: Civil War is also quite excellent.

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