Apr. 25th, 2017

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I was discussing the VLA with a friend on LJ and realized that I shot it twice in '13 during the last government shutdown and never got around to posting photos. Well, I've remedied that and just finished uploading a dozen. I also reset my hit counter. The images are at WayneWestPhotography.com.

I'm honestly not too happy with the shoots, which is part of the reason why I never uploaded photos.  When I did the first shoot, I was at that time also shooting for the local newspaper as part of a class.  They wanted everything just shot as JPEG, no RAW.  I forgot to reset my camera when I arrived at the site, and EVERYTHING I SHOT WAS IN JPEG.  Well, you can suck JPEGs in to Photoshop and do some adjustments, but you've already lost a lot of info with the camera having already done image adjustments and compression, so it hardly seems worth it.  I was tremendously pissed off at myself over this, but I've lost a lot of that anger in the intervening four years, and did some work today, partly while I was at the dentist and not holding my wife's hand, partly while waiting for cookies to bake (I adjusted my oatmeal/chocolate chip/macadamia nut recipe by adding two tablespoons of molasses: very interesting result).  And I played a bit with a couple of HDR shots that are kind of cool.  When the government shut-down, I high-tailed it out to Socorro when I read that not only was the observatory shut-down, but all the telescopes had been parked pointing at zenith, straight up.  That was just too cool a photo opportunity to miss.

The second shoot was after the government shutdown had been resolved, but it was going to take at least a week to recall all of the workers who had dispersed hither and yon on an unpaid vacation, so the spouse and I loaded up the poodle and went.  She wasn't able to go on the first shoot as she was working.  I had my camera set correctly for the second shoot, but my telephoto wasn't doing a good job focusing, so again, I wasn't really satisfied with the output.

Well, it looks very probable that we're about to have yet another government shutdown.  Which means that it's very probable that NRAO will shut down again, I'll have to keep an eye on their web site.  I'm going to Phoenix this weekend -- my mom is having a yard sale and my dad has a broken bone in his foot -- so I won't be able to get up there this weekend, but I should be able to go next.  We shall see.  And now I have much better equipment: I've replaced the legs on my tripod, I have a full-frame camera, and a new (to me) 75-300 zoom.  I've pretty much retired my 28-300 that I shot with in '13.

The reason for resetting the hit counter is it seems like I am always getting the same 15 photos with the most hits.  I keep meaning to mine the logs and see where the hits for those photos are coming from, and seeing if there are web sites somewhere exploiting my pix for profit without my permission.  I could always do a bit of sabotage to them if I wanted to: replace those images with a sign that says 'If you want to use my photo for advertising, you need to contact me for licensing.'

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