May. 23rd, 2017

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This looks really good. Galaxy Quest ramped up a few notches with more Star Trek. I'm guessing that this is slated for Fall '17.

"We need no longer fear the banana!"

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I haven't posted it on YouTube yet, I'm not really in a hurry to. Anyway, this semester I took a Civic Involvement in Library Science class. It's a somewhat unstructured class: you sign up for 1-3 credit hours, and you're expected to do 60 hours of work per credit hour that you sign up for in some form of civic involvement or outreach sort of thing: you choose the library, you write up a proposal that the library and the teacher agree to. We have five local libraries: I contacted three, and two of them don't have any outreach programs. The third, Alamogordo (NM) Public Library, I met with and I ended up making this video for them.

And boy, I definitely made my 60 hours, there ain't no doubt about that! My goal with my six minute video is to increase awareness and patronage so that the next time they have a bond election they have a much better chance of getting a new library -- they've been in the current building for 50 years! They're stuffed to the gills, and they have no external warehouse or storage, so if a new book comes in there's an excellent chance that another book gets weeded and goes out for sale.

And it might work. But what would have really helped didn't happen: no footage of library workers helping patrons. And why? Because none of the library employees wanted to appear in the video. And I didn't find that out until late last week! I was able to Photoshop one photo and remove a physically distinctive employee from one photo, and I reshot another photo yesterday, but the big trouble came yesterday when I discovered something that I should have learned a few weeks ago: the narrator made a mistake! He left one word out and it completely changed the meaning of a phrase!

I didn't want to email him and get him to re-record that one segment because there was no telling how long it would take to get a new recording back. He'd done the recording twice: the first time that he recorded it he used an old copy of the script as he hadn't contacted me and told me he was about to record and the script was still being fine-tuned at that time. But he re-recorded the whole thing and did a much better job the second time. Still, I had a problem.

Fortunately, I had the first copy of the audio still in my email. And even more fortunatelyer, I found my copy of Adobe CS6! This gave me their professional audio editor/mixer, Audition. I was able to do an actual copy/paste of the phrase from the first gen recording in to the second gen recording, paste it in to the video, re-export it, and done.


I actually did the entire video in iMovie on my laptop, a 2011 MacBook Pro with 16 gig of RAM. I took a class and know Adobe Premiere (made a 10 minute video of a lunar laser ranging program that my wife operates), but with everything that happened with my iMac being stolen last year and my copy of Premiere disappearing, I had no choice but to fall back on iMovie. I bought O'Reilly's The Missing Manual book for iMovie and used Google A LOT and got through the project, but given my druthers, I'd rather use Premiere. It's kinda like being used to doing fine adjustments to photos in RAW mode and only being allowed to use JPEGs: you just want to hit yourself in the head with a bat (cricket or baseball, whichever). And now that I've found my copy of my Adobe suite (discovered it on an old backup a few weeks ago), I don't have to worry about not having that option again!

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