Jul. 14th, 2017

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Yesterday we had a water leak in the master bath. It appeared to be centered around the toilet, so I assumed the wax seal had failed. I thought it was a logical assumption. So I called our handyman, he was able to come out today. Turned off the water to the tank, flushed it to drain it, and we used the guest bath until he came out.

He comes out today, replaces the wax seal.

After he leaves, I'm cleaning up standing water with paper towels. And the quantity doesn't seem to be reducing in proportion to the amount that my paper towels are removing. Then I notice it is refilling from underneath the baseboard.

The water heater is on the other side of the wall.

Go outside with my screw gun, remove the door/wall of the water heater compartment, and sure enough: it's flooded. The water heater has failed. Turn off gas supply, drain heater. New heater at Lowe's: $500.

Unfortunately my handyman is no longer licensed to work with gas. Still waiting for a callback from the plumber that I called.


It's quite possible that the toilet was not leaking, but at least it got me off my butt and on to my knees to clean up the floor of the bathroom. Good thing that I had plenty of spare room on my credit cards!

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