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Religion (noun):

An elastic quality of spirit that allows covetousness to be perceived as entitlement, slavery as economy, rutting as love, murder as glory.

Religion is the indenture of a deity whose job description mutates according to the present requirements of hate.
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"To be able to disagree is the essence of civilization. To yearn for complete agreement, utter unanimity in ideas and ideals, is the beginning of lockstep savagery."
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Faith: noun.

The knowable
promoted to the irrefutable.

unblemished by debate.

Doubt in exile.

The child's comfort.

The Terrorist's trigger.
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People of religious distinction maintain that human beings exclusively possess souls, on the strength of which they may gain admittance to heaven.

Only human beings lie, device pogroms, murder for recreation, steal, libel, slander and perform crossword puzzles. This says nothing new about the condition of being human, but it does help to illuminate the special contributions of the soul.
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Unenlightenment forms the granitic foundation of all decision-making on Earth.

A half-baked, easily manipulated citizenry flourishes only where the air is rich with political gobbledygook, eyewash and tergiversating bushwah; which is why the news media and the ruling bestiary are so stingy and selective in meting out fact. Reporters and politicians are pimps for ignorance.

I read Walter Cronkite's autobiography probably 15-20 years ago, and he related what was a very sad incident that bodes ill for all. In it, while he was reporting the news at CBS, an edict came down from upon high that the news wing of CBS would be monitored by the Nielson Ratings people. Just monitored, they didn't need to worry about it. Then after the monitoring some bright C-level moron decided that the news should earn ratings, just like every other division of CBS in order to sell more advertising.

This was the beginning of the end for quality news.

I actually met Uncle Walter at a book signing, I opted out of shaking his hand as he looked absolutely miserable. A couple of weeks after the even he had major bypass surgery.

This is why I read a half-dozen, sometimes more, online news sources. One does its best to be as objective as possible, and I think it does a good job. The others lean towards liberal, but still present good reporting. I'm constantly impressed by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow: whenever she explains something complex, then brings on a subject matter expert, she always asks them if what she just explained was accurate. Most of the time she's spot-on, on occasion they correct or amplify a point or two.
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Deceit (noun): A dog rolls on the carcass of a dead possum in order to deceive other animals as to his identity as a dog. A man lolls in the scents of a church in order to deceive all around him as to his identity as a thief, an adulterer and a liar.

The difference is that the dog will not first have to endure being bored by the possum.
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What would you have: evil that does good, or good that does evil?

I was out for a walk the other day with my wife, our poodle had slipped his collar and was deigning to be vaguely proximate to us, when I commented on a sign in someone's front yard: 'Prayer: It's the Only Answer.' I was reminded of an old saying, "Better are the hands that help than the lips that pray."

I think I'd rather have the evil doing good. At least they're being up-front about their evil and are probably more consistent about doing good.
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People are quite at home with evil. It's fighting it that raises the dreadful spectre of inconvenience.
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Ambiguous ideals brayed incoherently by ignoramuses: these elements in perfect balance compose the rich effluent of American politics, the reassurance that the republic is functioning as designed.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I remember an interview with Gore Vidal talking about his grandfather who was a congressman, I'm guessing in the late 1800s. He talked about all the congressmen knowing Latin, having reasoned debates, etc. I don't think we'll ever see something like that again, I'm really afraid that the current batch of idiots is the new norm.
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People of a political kidney never can, never will at any time acknowledge the slightest possibility that they might be mistaken. That way lies the imminent crumbling of dogma, and the freakish implication that those holding opposite views could be, after all, tolerable, decent, even respectable.

This is a major change and problem with our divided political system, it's gotten to the point where they can't be friendly with each other out of the office. It's one thing to respectfully disagree with the opposition, it's quite another to consider them heretical and the antithesis of all good things.
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When you indulge any president who willfully repudiate his bounden oath to country and constitution, you no longer get a deserving person -- you get the person you deserve.

I think Obama has violated the Constitution by perpetuating the domestic spying programs that Bush put in place, aside from that I think Bush again violated it by his unfounded invasion of Iraq.
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Generally speaking, the republic that cannot be made out through the swarm of czars and bureaucracies plaguing its landscape, is rather like like a dog you can't see for its fleas. The only difference is, although you'd do something to treat the dog, you certainly wouldn't bankroll its parasites.

With a republic, it is rather the reverse.
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It is notable that every politician in existence has claimed God, an unregistered voter, as an adherent to his political crusade. God has always been unavailable for comment.
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May we maintain our sense
of absurdity in high places:
for there is no power more
destructive to the solemn
and arrogant than a chain
reaction of laughter

May the elected carry
out their trust with
respect, humility,
honor, duty...

...or lacking that,
a teleprompter
that cannot
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Lacking a court order and the convenience of a penal institution, the most reliable if not the only way to diagnose a case of psychopathy is through a triumph at the ballot box.
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People are, on the whole, decent. Decency, by its nature, causes one human being to help another without urging, to offer comfort and succor without question, to politely and tacitly agree to the proscription of politics and religion as dinner conversation, to be among his own kind without taking a swing. In short, we indulge people their convictions because we are all fundamentally decent. We disagree, but we know it is inevitable and something can be borne without rancor. It is the nature of advocacy, and a right.

The foregoing, being true, is the primary bane in a politician's effort to scrabble for votes, and an obstacle over which the elect must step day in and day out – human decency is the excrement on the sidewalk of a politician's life. Overcoming decency, and scooping up large bushelfuls of votes, can be achieved only through polarizing, demonizing, and building unthinking enmity between groups of people; to manipulate crowds through the husbandry of hatred. In this approach to vote-grubbing, people are no longer capable of meaning well, but, instead, vile conservatives and degraded liberals, the Dems and Pubs, kitten poisoners and family destroyers, white hats and black hates (except, somehow, everybody is wearing a black hat). The greatest indecency exists in the slaughter of decency – decency as a belief, as an assumption, as a part of the physiognomy of humanity. In American politics, it is mostly penny-ante, a means to electoral victory. However, when any politician attempts to spoon-feed a crowd a fearful loathing of a segment of society, bypassing thought, generosity, law, and the knowledge that most people, on the whole, are decent, they are treading the low road to power, one paved to famously efficient effect by such as Hitler.

The only thing that stands between us and this lowest of roads is our sense that decency provides the maintenance of a free country.
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Once again, from the web comic Pibgorn:
Politicians are of three fundamental kidneys:

1. The Ethical Being
The ethical being knows the difference between truth and mendacity, but, crippled by his regard for the trust placed in him by his constituents, speaks the truth – a commodity the electorate extol in principle, abhor in practice. For the sake of convenience – the concept of an ethical politician being unwieldy and elusive – he is usually known by the word “liar.”

2. The Pragmatic Being
The pragmatic being knows with pellucidity the difference between truth and deceit, always choosing deceit because there is no tactical advantage in the truth. He is usually referred to as “the incumbent.”

3. The Stupid One
The stupid one cannot tell the difference between truth and falsehood, prating his myriad lies with heartfelt incongruity. It is a long shot indeed that the stupid one will ever utter the truth, the odds against such an accident being infinite: he hedges his bet with a broad, manipulative smile and a brisk handshake. According to custom, he is claimed a “visionary.”
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Among the military services, concepts such as courage, honor, duty and valor possess deep consequences, bearing witness to their historic readiness to shed blood in defense of the country's rights, freedoms and liberty. Among the elect, those words are the language of the patsy; best mouthed with the distractions of glory and pomp while plundering a fellow citizen's trash, tapping his phone line or, at the very best of moments, emerging victorious at computer solitaire during a session of congress.

from A Demon's Nest of Sentiments

I am reminded of 'Character is what you are in the dark'.
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Sometimes on Sunday, Brooke McEldowney, the author/artist of the comic Pibgorn, posts a political screed. I've agreed with most of what he's posted, plus I like his comic.

If the individual vote were invested with any actual value, any potency, it would be yea or nay. That is, nobody might be elected until the emergence of a candidate whose ethics and intelligence exceed those of a tapeworm. This option, to withhold one's vote (imagine a federal election in which all candidates wound up with a vote of no confidence), would give the electorate real control over government, and possibly lead the citizenry to become choosy before squandering their voting privileges.

However, the vote, having no such puissance, is one of the several ways the constitution recognizes that all legislative processes would grind to a dull halt if the government were required to exclude imbeciles.

One thing that I love about some political systems is the vote of no confidence. There are many things broken about the American electoral system, and I think the absence of such is one of them. There's far too much money, dishonesty, and secrecy in our election process.

Pibgorn just began doing a series re-creating Romeo and Juliet with the core characters, he did Midsummer Night's Dream a while back and it was quite interesting. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this series turns out.

Great quote

Jun. 9th, 2013 01:42 pm
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"The abandonment of the republic is a matter of two steps: from being "the people" to "the governed," then "the policed.""

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