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There's a "freeware" utility called iBookCopy that strips DRM from iBooks, turning them in to standard ePubs. It's currently on sale via MacUpdate for the next five days, then it's back to $30.

It's listed as shareware, but the trial version only converts the first third of the book. I think it'd be more legitimate shareware if it would only convert 5-10 books before locking itself up.

I just had it convert my current library: 410 books consisting of 6.7 gig (after conversion), took about 42 minutes on my late 2015 i7 iMac with 16 gig of RAM. So it's pretty quick. The way that iBooks stores purchases makes it VERY hard to back up your books to a different media when your library gets big, and I had no idea mine was over 6 gig! A lot of those books are not purchases from Apple, they're from Humble Bundle or ebooks that I've made using Stanza. Regardless, a purchase ends up with a file name that is a numeric ID that you don't know what the heck it is. After iBookCopy is done, the file name is the title of the book plus an epub extension. Very clean.
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I installed a remote control program on my desktop and laptop called VNC which is available for the best price of all: free. I used this at a previous job and it worked well. It seems to be working fine thus far. Basically what I'm doing is using my laptop in the living room for full access to my desktop PC. You see, my normal morning/breakfast procedure is to have my desktop load up around 30 web comics and also Slashdot and Wired. I'll eat breakfast and read. But frequently I'll end up with multiple Slashdot or Wired articles open and I hate sitting at my desktop doing tons of reading. So now with this remote control software I can lie in my chair in the living room and read what's on my desktop and clean it up a bit.

The one downside is that if the computer you're accessing is set to a higher resolution than what you're accessing from, it can be inconvenient with dealing with scroll bars and such.

The really cool thing about this program is that it's multi-platform: you can use a Windows machine to control a Mac or a Linux box or vice-versa in any combination.

Did I mention that it's free? ;-)

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