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Yesterday I saw bluejays and a chipmunk. Today: take away the chipmunk, add a SQUIRREL! Fortunately my dogs didn't see it, or if they did, they didn't scream it and start after it.

These were all shot hand-held through my computer "room" window, which really should be cleaned, but considering it's over 10' above the ground, I don't know that I want to do that!

Bluejay: [edit^2: Moonhare identifies them as Stellar's Jays, I saw three of them in my front yard this week!]

I don't know how the tail is in focus and the head is not, blame it on a 300mm that when multiplied is effectively a 480mm at f5.6. I'm considering bringing in my monopod. The bluebird wasn't very cooperative in terms of staying in sunlight and holding still or posing.

Squirrel run across felled tree:

Squirrel run down tree:

Squirrel run up same tree, moments later:

Not as sharp as I'd like, but all things considered, not bad.

EDIT: my wife said they're Jays, not just Bluebirds. I didn't spend any points in Ornithology, they all went in to computer skills and photography. Recently my XP has been going in to cooking/baking and video editing.
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(or at least next door to one: the other side of our back fence line IS the forest)

I was sitting at my desk working on my computer this evening when some unusual movement outside the front window caught my eye. I looked up and it was an elk in my front yard. And then it was two. And then three. Possibly four, I'm not sure. Unfortunately it was well in to dusk so photography was out of the question. One was a very young (whatever immature elk are called) and among other things, they were nibbling at my weeds and grass, and I saw what I presume was the mother actually lift a foreleg and cuff the young'un! I guess it was going to eat something that was not strictly kosher for elk.

Although my coolest animal encounter is definitely when I opened my front door to let the dog out and there were three raccoons on my door step. They actually stayed in place long enough for me to grab my camera and get a few shots, but they weren't very good.

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