Feb. 10th, 2017

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Needless to say, it hasn't stopped while I haven't written about it.

The latest victims, and I mean corporations, are Arby's fast food (I hesitate to call them a restaurant) and Holiday Inn hotels. Arby's says the malware that stole credit cards was limited to their corporate stores, over a thousand locations of their 3,300 locations in the United States. Of course it's entirely possible that some of their franchisees have been compromised, especially if there are big corps with many locations that use a third-party credit card processing solution.

And it is a BIG breach. The president and CEO of the National Association of Federal Credit Unions is saying the number of cards is in the "hundreds of thousands". So that malware, since remediated, has been sitting there for a while. Arby's did not previously announce the hack at the request of the FBI while they were still investigating it.

Someone posted a comment/question asking if a specific location was compromised, I posted this reply:
Call them and ask them if they're a corporate store or a franchisee. If the former, then probably yes. I'm going to be doing that Monday with my semi-local store. Regardless, watch your bank account online for probe charges: a charge for $1-4 from cities and businesses that you don't do business in/with.

A friend of mine was hit by the Wendy's hack. He's on the road a lot and I told him about the probe charges. Sure enough, they appeared on his credit card. Fortunately when the serious charge appeared, he was in a town that had an office for his credit card and he was able to get a replacement sent there.


The Holiday Inn hack was very specific, it targeted just a few hotel restaurants and bars in high-profile and high-dollar areas in San Francisco, San Jose, Chicago, etc. The malware was present from August to December 2016. It was not found on the hotel's front desk systems.

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Apparently "45" is having a tough time because the United States has all sorts of laws and regulations and that the guy at the top can't just do whatever he wants! So sad!

Too bad he ran for President. He should have waited for the election for Dictator or Autocrat. His mistake.


In other amusements, Rex Tillerson, former Exxon CEO and freshly-minted Secretary of State with no previous experience in government, wanted a person by the name of Elloitt Abrams as his second in command. Abrams has "decades of experience" in foreign service under Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. "45" said no. Abrams wrote an editorial during the election that was very critical of "45" and said Republicans should give up on the White House and focus on lower ticket races. So not only does Tillerson not really know what he's doing, he's denied a really skilled person who does know what he's doing. And all of the senior staff who knew exactly how the State Department worked are now all gone.



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