Feb. 28th, 2017

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I read this a week ago or so. Scott Adams took his BMW in for repairs to the dealer. Dealer says there's a high demand for his car, and he can make a great offer. Adams gives him permission to look over the car and make an offer. Dealer calls back: car is worth salvage value.

He had previously taken it in to a tire shop, and they'd recorded the mileage as 30,000. Then later as 80,000. Actual miles: 50,000. The information was uploaded to CarFax and their system said the odometer had been tampered with, therefore the car was worth nothing.

Yesterday I got the oil in Russet's car changed. Today I went to log it in my spreadsheet, and I noticed something weird. All of a sudden my spreadsheet said that it had been 15,000 miles since the last oil change, which was blatantly wrong. Then I looked more closely at the invoice: they recorded the mileage as 124,000. Actual miles on the car: 141,000.

I called them up to get this corrected before it could spread and ruin the trade-in value of the car, turns out that the incoming mileage was recorded wrong, either written down wrong by the tech or fat-fingered when entered in to the computer. The mileage was correctly recorded when the service was completed, so we're probably good.

So keep an eye on those service invoices when your car is worked on! Apparently it can be fixed, but Adams doesn't have the paperwork to prove the tire company was wrong.


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