Mar. 31st, 2017

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It's probably true of any smartphone, but I've never worked with an Android so I don't know about them.

We got home at 2:30 this morning from nine days in Phoenix. Originally we were coming home Wednesday, but it snowed 5" Tuesday night and I had my summer tires mounted last week. The daytime temperatures Wednesday and Thursday were high enough that the snow would be almost entirely gone by the time we arrived, so we stayed another day.

While I'm away from home, I don't do phone updates. My iPhone is synced through my iMac, which doesn't travel with me. I'll sometimes download podcasts directly on my phone when I'm away, but that's the only updates that I'll do. So I get home and power up my computer this morning, and there's a ton of application updates. Not surprising, Apple just did OS updates on their Mac and tablet devices, so presumably app developers are also updating their apps.

What did surprise me was when I went to sync my phone, it loaded 150+ apps that were not normally on to my phone. I had five or six pages of apps that were not previously there. They were things that I had previously downloaded, tried, and decided that I didn't want that app. It might be a temporary removal, it might be permanent. But I don't want it on my phone right now.

Well, it took a LOT of time to sync my phone and for all those apps to transfer over, then it took time for me to delete those apps and re-sync my phone. But now all seems well. Fortunately I didn't have to delete them from the phone itself: the iTunes page for my phone lets me delete stuff there, which was very fast.

Still, quite annoying. This had better not become a recurring nightmare!

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