Apr. 22nd, 2017

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We went to Las Cruces this morning and participated in the march which was sort of co-promoted with the Earth Day people. I sported a sign that said Dog > Dogma on one side and Free Cookies on the other: I carried a small Igloo cooler with my oatmeal/chocolate/macadamia nut cookies that I baked last night, gave away about 50 of 'em. Russet's sign on one side said Science flies us to the moon, Dogma flies us in to buildings, the other side said Man wrote the bible, God wrote the stars. I had told her about the Science flies us to the moon, religion flies us in to buildings, and we agreed that Las Cruces and Alamogordo is too religious and it could be somewhat provocative to word it quite that way.

One astronomer from Apache Point who lives up on the mountain came with us, another who lives in Las Cruces was there along with an observatory retiree and a friend. People were chanting "What do we want?" "Science!" "When do we want it?" "Now!" With the "Now!", we started shouting "After peer review!" which got people laughing and shouting it with us.

The retiree and her friend had the most awesome knit hats! They weren't pussy hats, they weren't brain hats, they were pussy/brain hats! I WANT ONE!

Every time I gave away cookies I'd talk about how baking was precise measurements, repeatability, controlled environments, etc. I should have added chemical reactions to my shpeel. I once got mobbed by about a dozen polite kids, it was tremendous fun.  I wanted a large sign that said Baking Is Science, but I just didn't feel like driving down to Alamogordo on Friday to get the materials for it.  Still, Russet cobbled together some decent little signs for us. Next year I think I'll have a proper placard: I doubt these marches will stop as long as The Orange One is in office, and Earth Day is the perfect day for a science march.

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