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"If you happen to be a young kid in junior high or high school, and you're being force-fed evolution, and part of evolution is teaching that the transition from dark skin to light skin equals more evolved, what are you gonna think of dark-skin people?...I'm hearing from people that this is part of the curriculum. Well, if that's true, for crying out loud, then it makes it a little more understandable why people like this Dylann Roof guy exist."
– Rush Limbaugh

So I guess Eskimos and Laplanders and people in Greenland or Tierra Del Fuego are the most evolved? I guess the Great White Bloviator hasn't heard of melanin.

In other Rush news, he's in trouble and it's possible that his radio days are drawing to an end. He has had so many advertisers flee after his bashing the female student who testified in front of congress, saying things like 'she should put videos of herself having sex on the internet since we're paying for her birth control', that stations are no longer lining up to air his program. In fact, in several markets, he's being booted off the big stations. Even worse, in Indianapolis, the former Clear Channel (now iHeartMedia) BOUGHT A RADIO STATION TO CONTINUE AIRING RUSH! It was a lilliputian AM station with a smaller market share than a commercial-free FM classical station, but Rush is still on the air in Indianapolis. And isn't that what counts? Apparently Rush's $50,000,000 contract is up next year, it'll be quite interesting to see what happens to him.

The funniest thing in this article is that a radio host interviewing Marco Rubio made a pretty bad gaff and it wasn't noticed by the mainstream media for nine days. Except Rush covered it immediately and no one noticed.

"There's nobody bigger or better at the military than I am."
– Donald Trump

I think part of the basis of The Donald's statement is that he was forced by his parents to attend the New York Military Academy, and according to Wikipedia, he did fairly well. But he never had active service. Well, I read a lot of Tom Clancey, I guess that makes me qualified to be really good at planning covert ops.

Oh, and some of Trump's properties suffered a credit card breech, not that this has anything to do with his fitness to be POTUS. These are properties managed by his son, not ones that he lost through bankruptcy.
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"Democrats see women as nothing but walking vaginas looking to have sex every chance they get, and then they go get an abortion whenever they need one or they gotta give 'em birth control pills or whatever. If you listen to your average liberal Democrat talk about women, that's it."
—Rush Limbaugh

Curiously no mention of Republicans wanting women to be walking Little Suzy Homemaker baby factories.

Of course, this is the guy who thought that women took birth control pills every time they had sex.
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"I look at how easily people are made to follow and made to believe things, and lied to, and act like sheep. There's a professor...a liberal professor named Noel Ignatiev, and he is actually teaching -- and I am not making this up -- he is actually teaching and telling white male students to commit suicide to benefit society. 'The key to solving the social problems of our age it to abolish the white race.'"
—Rush Limbaugh, falling for a satirical online post

You know, I should tell him about this amazing bit of news that I received from a Nigerian oil company, it seems that one of their founders is a friend of my dad's and I'm owed many millions of dollars.

A little more info on Ignatiev: he's a retired PoliSci prof who has some controversial theories about sociology and race which I think make for good discussion. Specifically, (from Wikipedia):
"Ignatiev is part of a group of social scientists of the late 20th and early 21st centuries who view race distinctions and race itself as a social construct, not a scientific reality" and "Ignatiev's web site and publication Race Traitor display the motto "treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity". In response to a letter to the site which understood the motto as meaning that the authors "hated" white people because of their "white skin", Ignatiev and the other editors responded: “We do not hate you or anyone else for the color of her skin. What we hate is a system that confers privileges (and burdens) on people because of their color. It is not fair skin that makes people white; it is fair skin in a certain kind of society, one that attaches social importance to skin color. When we say we want to abolish the white race, we do not mean we want to exterminate people with fair skin. We mean that we want to do away with the social meaning of skin color, thereby abolishing the white race as a social category. Consider this parallel: To be against royalty does not mean wanting to kill the king. It means wanting to do away with crowns, thrones, titles, and the privileges attached to them. In our view, whiteness has a lot in common with royalty: they are both social formations that carry unearned advantages." it would be easy to propagate a hoax saying that he advocated white male students to suicide.
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"The Republican Party, I really believe, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from years and years of bullying and taunting. The Republican Party is Jonathan Martin. The Democrat Party and the media are Richie Incognito."
—Rush Limbaugh

My brain needed a firm twist today.
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"Conservatives want people not to even have to think about government. It's kind of like an operating system in a computer. You just want it to work...Liberals want to run the operating system, and they want to use the operating system against you, or their political enemies."
—Rush Limbaugh

In other words, Conservatives want an ignorant populace that would be easily duped and manipulated. No thanks.
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"The global warming scientists are just Democrats, folks. They're all part of an agenda."
—Rush Limbaugh

Last night my wife and I went to a university screening of a new movie called Chasing Ice. A former National Geographic photographer, James Balog, engineered a long-term ice survey, AKA the Extreme Ice Survey. He set up 30 cameras in Greenland, Alaska, and Montana. They're powered by solar cells and programmed to take one exposure every hour when the sun is shining. Twice a year, basically just before and after winter, they go to each camera, collect the memory card, and make repairs.

Then they assemble the time-lapse photographs in to time-lapse animated sequences.

It is scary as hell. amazingly beautiful, but to see these amazing glaciers actually disappear is absolutely terrifying. There used to be a joke that the way you could tell Iceland and Greenland apart was that Iceland is green and Greenland is white with ice. Well, at the rate that the ice sheet on Greenland is retreating, that's not going to be true at some point in the future.

The problem with the loss of glaciers is two-fold. First, there's no problem if the glacier is already floating in water and starts to calve and melt: its mass is already accounted for in ocean levels. But if the glacier is on land and starts melting and breaking apart, THAT is what causes ocean levels to rise. The second problem is that the north end of the planet used to be pretty much white. White reflects ultraviolet radiation, which helps keep the planet from heating up. If all of that melts and becomes darker, we're going to start absorbing more UV and the planet will start heating more.

And considering that ships can now go across the North Pole during summer without too much difficulty, that's not a good thing.

SO. If you have an opportunity to see Chasing Ice, see it. Aside from the very scary science, the photography is absolutely amazing. I would love to have a chance to go to those camera sites and do some shooting there, but that's not going to happen. At least I can appreciate it remotely.

There were a couple of interesting counter-points made in the film, so Balog acknowledges skepticism but has little truck with it. The first, made right off the bat by James Balog, was that he himself is a trained geologist and was a climate change skeptic when he started this project. The other was a Canadian Yukon glacier scientist talk about some glaciers are actually growing. His group did a survey in the Yukon and there were somewhere around 400 glaciers that they tracked historically over (IIRC) 150 year period. Some actually grew. Four of them. Half of the remaining are gone entirely, the remaining half are shrinking.

The movie releases on DVD on September 10 and can be pre-ordered at Amazon right now.
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"It's classic. Somebody proposes this thing, under the guise that women are being beat to a pulp in this country because of the Republican War on Women. Women are being beat up, they're being mistreated all over the place. So we need a federal law saying you can't do it anymore. So now the Democrats get all of this credit for being compassionate, tolerant, understanding, protective of women."
—Rush Limbaugh, on the recent re-authorization of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act

The Republican War on Women has nothing at all to do with it. Women have been beat up since the dawn of time, and this bill was originally signed by President Clinton, some time before the RNC went bat-shit crazy with the advent of the Tea Baggers. One provision of the renewal that's driving House Repubs nuts is the extension of protection to cover gay couples and American Indians, apparently some men know that the chance of getting caught and prosecuted by Tribal Police for beating on one is almost nil and they've made a game of it.

I think it's a sad commentary on humanity that ANYONE gets beat on. But I guess that for Rush, angry white men and Republicans are oppressed minorities and he's their voice.
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"I wish this president would learn how to be an American."
-- former NH Gov. John Sununu, in official Romney campaign conference call

"[Obama is] a radical ideologue, a ruthless politician who despises the country and the way it was founded and the way in which it became great. He hates it."
-- Rush Limbaugh

I can't imagine what it will be like leading up to November.

Oh, and John, let's see: Obama's failed to keep campaign promises (not that it's ever possible to keep all of 'em), behaved 180 degrees opposite what he said while a Senator, used the Executive Secrets privilege in questionable ways, and used administrative orders to modify how legislation works. Certainly sounds like an American politician to me.

And Rush, I really hope there are no mirrors in your house. Oh, I forgot: a radical is now anyone who isn't in lockstep with the RNC.
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"He who warned, uh, the British that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms uh by ringing those bells and making sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be secure and we were going to be free and we were going to be armed."
— Sarah Palin

"There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who understand Palin and those who pretend they don't."
— Rush Limbaugh

I read the Palin line when she first said it, and for some reason it went *woosh!* right over my head. But I'm sorry to break it to you, Rush, I genuinely don't understand Palin, so there's a third category.

And here's a link to a rewrite of Paul Revere's ride to retcon it to match Palin's history.

And here's a link refuting Palin's attempt at redefining what she said to be accurate, that we were all British at that time, and the refutation is from Paul Revere's writing.
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"When I hear Chinese or Japanese, it sounds like all the same word. And I can't comprehend anybody understanding it."
— Rush Limbaugh

Funny how many foreigners think the same of the English language with all its homonyms, synonyms, and antonyms. Personally, I can't comprehend Rush Limbaugh: I can identify the individual words, but they make no logical sense the way they're organized.
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"What Mr. Loughner knows is that he has the full support of a major political party in this country."
— Rush Limbaugh on Dems

Uh, what? Wait. You're saying that there is a major political party that condones assassination and murder for people who don't agree with their specific beliefs? Aside from some nut job alleged right to lifers?

Or is he illustrating the total logical disconnect of someone who murdered a 9 year old girl and a Federal judge while trying to kill a congresswoman and Loughner's alleged perception of reality through clever sarcasm? Somehow I don't think so.

I'd love to say "Reality check, table 4!", but it would bounce so high it could damage the International Space Station.
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"The choice in the upcoming elections boils down to this: It’s either Obama and the Democrats or America. You can’t have both."
— Rush Limbaugh

And this is a large part of the problem. According to the media, and also apparently the political parties, there's no longer a political spectrum, there's just "yer fer us er agin' us!".

Sorry, there's no party that represents my political points across the board. I've ranted on this before, but I think the two party system, as it has become enshrined, is the worst thing about our political process and should go away. Give me proportional balloting and open primaries, and you'll see change. I don't know exactly what kind, but I think more voices would be heard.
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This is just too good not to reprint in full.

Judge Roger Vinson is expected to allow a Florida lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of health care legislation to proceed. Rush Limbaugh got that part correct.

However, the New York Times reports that the conservative talk-radio host (and health care reform critic) wasn't right on a few personal details about Vinson, who is a senior judge on the Federal District Court in Pensacola. Contrary to what Limbaugh said on air, the paper notes that Vinson isn't an "avid hunter and amateur taxidermist who once killed three brown bears and mounted their heads over his courtroom door to 'instill the fear of God into the accused.' "

Those were a few of the details added to — and since removed from — Vinson's Wikipedia page. The Wikipedia user "Pensacolian" included the bear-killing anecdote earlier this week and attributed the bogus information to the Pensacola News Journal.

"I've never killed a bear, and I'm not Davy Crockett," Vinson said Wednesday.

It's true that Vinson's interested in nature. But as president of the American Camellia Society, he's more likely to be looking closely at flowers than shooting wild animals and using their heads as a means of courtroom intimidation.

Ellen Vinson, the judge's wife, said she was "offended" by the broadcast, adding that she doesn't "think you should be able to broadcast something nationally if you can't verify it." (emphasis mine)

A Limbaugh spokesman claims that a staff researcher found the Vinson information on the Pensacola paper's website. And yet the Pensacola paper's managing editor says they never printed any such details.

Still, this isn't Limbaugh's worst run-in with the collaborative, online encyclopedia. Limbaugh was pronounced dead on Wikipedia last year after being hospitalized.

I guess my question is, does Rush even have fact checkers? The second to last paragraph would argue against it.
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"America was built by people who reject everything Imam Obama stands for, reject everything Imam Obama is doing...Obama's propaganda is the propaganda of failed, dead regimes: the old Soviet Union, Cuba. Obama's railing against capitalism. He's railing against private property...Barack Obama is the antithesis of the founding of this country...Had Obama been around at the founding of this country and had he been known, he would be a joke in American history books today."
-- Rush Limbaugh

Let's see.

1. Obama is not a Muslim, he's a Christian. With the rhetoric being thrown around, some days it's hard to tell the difference.
2. Obama is not an Imam, which is a prayer leader or a mosque leader. I think it's in Shi'ah an Imam is perfect, cannot sin, and must be followed.
3. Railing against capitalism, when unregulated capitalism and greed is one of the major causes of the current recession, doesn't sound like a bad thing to me. Perhaps a little less greed would be good for the country.
4. Railing against private property? He wants to let Bush's tax cuts for the richest of the rich expire to help the rest of the country and these tax cuts are a significant amount of money. That's a bad thing?
5. Using Rush's definition, Rush is the antithesis of reason.
6. And had Rush been around at the founding of this country, Burr or one of the other founders would have probably shot him.
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"When do we ask the Sierra Club to pick up the tab for this leak? Everybody's focused on BP and Halliburton and Transocean...The greeniacs have been driving our oil producers off the land."
-- Rush Limbaugh

Someone once described the internet as an ocean infinitely wide but only a millimeter deep, you may draw your own conclusion as to what I think of Rush based on that description.
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"They'll use this to burnish their, shall we say, 'credibility' with the black community -- in the both light-skinned and dark-skinned black community in this country. It's made to order for them."
-- Rush Limbaugh on Obama administration and Haiti disaster

Because Bush did such a fantastic job with New Orleans and the Gulf?
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"Black unemployment is terrible. The black frame of mind is terrible. They're depressed, they're down -- Obama's not doing anything for 'em. How is that hoax and change workin' for ya? They're all livid...And I'm sure Tiger Woods' choice of females not helping 'em out with their attitudes there either."
-- Rush Limbaugh

Open foot, insert mouth. Unemployment is terrible ALL OVER, fool!
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William Shatner:
If you have money, you're going to get health care. If you don't have money it's more difficult.

Rush Limbaugh:
If you have money you're going to get a house on the beach. If you don't have money you're going to live in a bungalow somewhere.

William Shatner:
But we're talking about health care.

Rush Limbaugh:
What's the difference?

Shatner has a new celeb interview program starting up on the Biography channel called William Shatner's Raw Nerve, I think it starts Sunday. I happened to see a preview when I was at the observatory Tuesday night, and they showed an extended clip of the Rush segment. I quite liked it, sadly, I don't think we get that channel on our cable feed.
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"I'm not retiring until every American agrees with me."
-- Rush Limbaugh

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