Sep. 10th, 2017

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We have a casino about an hour north of us called Inn of the Mountain Gods. They had Bobby Flay a couple of months ago, for which I was *meh*. I'm not a huge Flay fan, though I love his meatloaf recipe with roasted vegetables and balsamic vinegar. And I saw billboards for Flay for a month or more before his show.

But Irvine? Didn't hear a peep.

We went out for lunch today to this amazing local BBQ joint. People drive up from El Paso to go to this place. And these two women went to this Irvine show last night and raved about how good it was, both his presentations and the food. And they said that the comments from the Flay show were just terrible: lousy personality and minuscule food samples, not remotely a full meal.

Supposedly Irvine will be returning next year....

I really miss seeing him on Food Network. He now has a daytime talk show along the lines of Sally Jesse and those ilk, and I can't be bothered to watch such. If he does a food show, I'm there. Otherwise, I'm not.

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